Corporate Costume Services

Have you got a corporate event coming up that you need a costume for?   Do you need costume ideas and are looking for the best costumes in Melbourne? 

Amazing Transformations has everything you need to make your corprate Event a success.

We’re your one-stop destination for your costume needs - fancy fairy tale dresses, exciting 80s outfits, ghoulish Halloween get-ups. If you think of it, we can make it happen.

Our online costume catalogue shows a selection of high quality costumes by theme, colour or letter, offering you perfect choice for themed corproate events. 

We have a very large range of costumes that are not shown on the website, so please call Dee to discuss your requirements.

Costumes bulk or individual

Amazing Transformations acknowledges that hiring isn’t always the most suitable option for your circumstances. Perhaps you require on a more permanent basis 60 Santa suits, 10 flight attendant uniforms or you want a Princess costume for your child.

Our team make to order. We hold extensive discussions with the client to ensure a suitable costume design to match budgets and time restraints.

Contact us today to discuss your corporate costume needs.